Posted by: jaimemwsanders | May 8, 2020

Rubbish of Life

“Handing over our sins, one by one, God can make even them into something beautiful. It is the mystery of the cross.” Something like that is what a young Jesuit just said in an online Examen. It struck me, as if for the first time I understand the cross. Jesus gathering our human sins. Our greed, and fear, and jealousy, and handing them to God to do with what God will. Raw material for new creation.

We try to give God just part of ourselves. Just the love. Just the creation of something good. Just the generosity or compassion.

But what if God needs all of it? What if the raw material of God’s re-creation is also the greed, and the failure and the sin?

What if that is part of the energy and passion that God needs in creating the next world?

How do we give that shadow self to God, relinquishing our control over it, and letting the Creator use it in a new creation?

There is a book about architecture, A Pattern Language, that recommends that we build our house not in the beautiful place on a piece of land, but on the ugly or impaired place. The beautiful place is already beautiful. The rubbish dump is where we can improve it by building.

God, take the rubbish dump places of my life. Use them as the raw material for creating something new and beautiful. I give them up. I hand them over to you.

Thanks to Bernard Hermant for sharing their work on Unsplash.

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